Frequently Asked Questions

New here?  Below are some of the questions we get asked most often.  If this page doesn't answer your question, please reach out to us!


Are You Organic?

Yes and no.  While our production standards far exceed those required of organic livestock production, we are not certified organic, therefore we can't legally call ourselves organic.  This is why we use the phrase "beyond organic," because our standards are beyond those required of USDA certified organic livestock.

Are your chickens and turkeys sold alive, and/or will I have to pluck them?

No and no.  You'd be surprised how often we get asked this.  Our chickens and turkeys are ready to cook, as is our pork.  No you will not have to cut the head and feet off or pluck the feathers.  See the next question for more details.

What do you sell, and how is it packaged?

We currently sell 3 items:

  • Chicken-We offer whole chickens, boneless/skinless breasts, split breasts, leg quarters, wings and ground chicken. Everything is in vacuum-sealed packaging and processed by a USDA-inspected poultry processor. Chicken is all sold frozen.

  • Pork-We offer pork by the cut. Everything is in vacuum-sealed packages and is processed by a USDA-inspected butcher. Pork is sold frozen.

  • Thanksgiving turkeys-packaged as a whole turkey, with giblets, vacuum-sealed by USDA-inspected poultry processor. Turkeys are sold fresh, never frozen.

Can we buy a whole or half pig?

We are not currently offering the opportunity to purchase whole or half pigs.  However, we do offer a variety of bulk packages that allow you to fill your freezer at a discounted bulk price.  With our bulk packages, we do all of the meat handling and dealing with the butcher (cut sheets can be intimidating!).