Industrial Food Recalls: What it Means for the Rest of Us

Food recalls are in the news these days and seem to be happening more often all the time.  Check out just a few of the recent recalls:

E. coli outbreak tied to romaine lettuce kills 1 in California, expands to 25 states

Kroger ground beef among 35,000 pounds recalled for potential plastic bits

200 million eggs recalled after nearly two dozen were sickened with salmonella

Pork recall expanded in wake of E. coli illnesses

Whole frozen chickens recalled due to salmonella risk

In the wake of all these issues, you can still enjoy the foods you love by abandoning the industrial food system.  At your local farmers market, you can pick up pastured chicken, pork and eggs, grass-fed beef and organic lettuce.  All produced locally, with integrity, and most importantly finishing with a clean product.  By shortening the distance from field to fork, and knowing your farmer, these recalls don't apply to the local food system.

Join us every Saturday all summer long at the Oxford Farmers Market in uptown Oxford, Ohio from 8-Noon to meet some of the best farmers in the region.  Or you can order directly from us here on our website!  We're your clean meat connection!