Who We Are


Your Farmers, Daniel & Brandi


37 Acres became a reality for us in 2016 after many years of praying and planning.  We get excited about providing you with high quality, humanely raised, completely natural and totally local poultry and pork.  Going above the current food system and giving you a better option makes us proud. Our animals are thriving and happy and that is gratifying. Our customers become our friends and we love getting to know them. That's what we're all about. 

What We Farm


Pasture-Raised Chicken

We love raising chickens on pasture and this allows them to get approximately 20% of their diet from grass, seeds and bugs.  They're moved daily so the pasture buffet never runs out!  This diet results in juicier, more flavorful meat that has 50% more vitamin A, 30% less saturated fat and 3x more Omega-3's than conventionally raised chicken.  


Pasture-Raised Pork

We start with heritage breed pigs and raise them on pasture, which gives them the freedom to live the most natural lifestyle a pig can live.  This results in the most delicious pork possible that has 200% more Omega-3's, 2x the Vitamin E and is one of the richest dietary sources of Vitamin D available!


Pasture-Raised Thanksgiving Turkeys

We are one of very few farms in the region raising Thanksgiving turkeys on pasture.  We sell them fresh, never frozen.  Turkeys are available for pickup a few days before Thanksgiving at the farm.  They sell out every year so you'll want to reserve yours early!


Kraut Creek Natural Feed Co.

Kraut Creek Natural Feed Co. is a premium line of certified non-gmo livestock feeds that are tested free of drugs, chemicals and GMO residues.  They're grown and milled on a family farm in Darke County, Ohio.  It is the only feed we use on our farm and we are also a distributor for them.  Whether you're looking for small or large quantities, we can help meet your needs for premium quality feed.

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I am very happy to have farmers like you guys near me.
— Tomo, Oxford OH