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Beyond Organic

37 Acres, located in Ohio's Miami Valley, humanely produces pastured chicken, pork and Thanksgiving turkeys without the aid of drugs, chemicals or GMO's.  Since 2016, we have been one of the leading producers of pasture-based and all natural proteins in Southwest Ohio.

How We Farm

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  • We farm 100% drug-free
  • We farm 100% chemical-free
  • We farm 100% GMO-free
  • We farm 100% hormone-free
  • All animals live outdoors, on pasture
  • We practice humane livestock handling
  • We farm locally
  • We farm sustainably
  • We farm transparently

The turkey we received for thanksgiving was absolutely delicious! Several of our guests commented that it was the best turkey they’ve ever had. Thank you so much!!
— Joy, Harrison OH